We need financing for the 1st high purity quartz (HPQ) production line in Vietnam.

Which ways you can invest

  1. Debt financing / Loan with fixed interest
  2. Investment with getting a share at the project (equity financing)
  3. Pre-order at special price (futures contract)

Our guarantee

  1. Money return guarantee. We return your money if due to any reasons we can not reach our goals.
  2. Interest guarantee. We pay you interest for using your money anyway.
  3. Penalties for delay of delivery.
  4. Special prices and terms for pre-orders.

Project success rate

We are sure 100% in its success because all preliminary works have been finished and the technology has been tested at pilot production line, the increasing deficit and high market prices make our confidence stronger.

Please contact us for details if you are interested and ready to invest. Investors contact +84 964356736 (mobile)

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