About SiO2 project

GOLOVACH QUARTZ - High purity quartz supplierProject name: GOLOVACH QUARTZ

Commercial website: www.golovachquartz.com

Project description: Production of high-purity SiO2 (silicon dioxide, high purity quartz) with low cost using new economical & environmental-friendly technology.

Product purity: 5N 99.999%; 6N 99.9999% and higher.

What is done

After research and laboratory test we have built a small capacity pilot production line. Trial production was absolutely successful and confirmed that we are ready to go for mass production.

What is to be done (our plans)

The 1st production line will be launched in 2018.

Location: Vietnam.

Further plans / R&D

  • Continue improving the technology to get the highest purity of SiO2 with the lowest possible production cost.
  • Starting additional production modules for extra-high purity quartz
  • Production of quartz crucibles
  • Getting the pure Si

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